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Express Entry Application – Top 5 Reasons Your Application Can Get Refused

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Many applicants try to submit their Express Entry permanent resident application on their own based on many reasons, such as trying to save money instead of hiring a professional, or thinking it is easy to apply without professional assistance or asking their friends who applied  on their own to also help them in applying. Although there can be many reasons for applying on your own, there are also many reasons why your Express Entry application can be refused.

Here are some of the top 5 reasons your express entry application can get refused:

  1. Reference Letters are Deficient
  2. Police Clearances are Missing
  3. Educational Degrees are not included with ECAs
  4. Language Test Results have Expired
  5. Proof of Funds Lacking

In our experience avoiding these common mistakes it is best to:

  1. Collect all documents before you receive your invitation to apply (ITA).
  2. Consider declining your ITA if your Express Entry application is not 100% complete before submitting your permanent resident application.
  3. Hire a competent licenced and regulated professional company such as Crightney Immigration to assist you with your application.

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