Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence

Canada offers numerous options for a foreign national to apply for Permanent Residency. It can be applied both while in the home country or in Canada through various ways:

Federal Skilled Worker

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program is one of the streams inside the Express Entry System, which focuses on selecting candidates with specific qualifications to apply to permanent residence. Under this program, all skilled and proficient workers with foreign work experience can permanently migrate to Canada.

The primary eligibility criteria for the FSWP is a minimum of 67 points under the six selection factors: Language, Education, Work Experience, Age, Job offer in Canada and Adaptability.

The minimum requirements under this program:

Federal Skilled Trades

The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) is another program that is managed by the Express Entry immigration system. The FSTP is designed for foreign trade workers with work experience in eligible trade occupations to immigrate to Canada. This program was launched as a measure by the Canadian Government to tackle the labor market shortages in jobs that are technical in nature or can be categorized as a skilled trade (NOC type B). This program measures the ability of an applicant to settle down well into the Canadian Job Market based on his/her skills or certification linked to the trade that he/she specializes in.

Once an applicant receives an ITA through the Federal Skilled Trades Program there are certain minimum requirements that need to be fulfilled:

Canadian Experience Class:

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is one of the Canadian skilled worker immigration programs that are managed by the Federal Express Entry system. Specifically, the CEC is designed for foreign workers and international graduates who are in Canada on a temporary basis and wish to become Permanent Residents. Canadian education and work experience are key selection factors.

The minimum requirements under this program:

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) is designed to enable provinces and territories to support the immigration of people have expressed an interest in settling in their province or territory and who the province or territory believes will be able to contribute to the economic development and prosperity of that particular province or territory and Canada. Except for Nunavut and Quebec, each province targets qualified candidates to fulfill the immigration quotas governed by the respective labor market needs. With over 80 immigration streams, the Provincial Nomination Programs is one of the most preferred immigration pathways.

A successful provincial nomination gives an additional 600 points to a candidate adding to the overall CRS score in his Express Entry profile, almost assuring an invitation to apply in next round of invitations.

Eligibility Criteria

Each of the thirteen provinces of Canada has its distinct eligibility criteria. However, there are 80 PNP streams out which you have to identify the one that fits best to you. Under this program, an intense evaluation of your education, skills, and work experience is performed. Applications that adhere to the criteria and incorporate a skill set that is highly beneficial for the province’s economy, are nominated. Once the province and territory authorities approve your PNP application, your next step is to apply for permanent residence in the allotted time window.